Playing online games with friends is not something I find time for often. So when I do its pretty much the usual suspects that take the stage for a bit of fun and camearaderie. 'Call of Duty', 'Battlefield', 'Grand theft auto, etc etc. These are great games and the 'Pick up and play' online straight from the off is appealing, especially when game time is limited due to other factors and responsabilities. However, I find now that these games are becoming tiresome, repetitive and dare I say it, 'Boring'. It's time to change things up a little and look for something that is different, but still has a decent online co-op challenge and reasonable end objective. I considered a 'Story' based game. There are many top titles with great story narratives to play for. These I find are really more single player concentrated and offer online co-op as more as a feature than anything else, and when your online meet ups are 'Sparadic' at best, then trying to keep immersed in a story line is difficult. OK, perhaps a quick catch up before you start playing might help, but who really wants to have a 4-5 minute "Previously on: the last time you played online" cinematic each time you start up. Stepping away from the AAA titles for some online shenanigans, and searching for a game like what i'm after is just as difficult it seems. Using tag 'co-op' on the Playstation Store search bar returns hardly any results, if any, and when they do they don't resemble anything of what i'm searching for. On occasion though you may get lucky, so if your seeking something different like I was and you happen to come across a game called 'Filthy Lucre', then this game just might tick all the boxes for you. It did for me.


Filthy Lucre is set in the underworld of Londons gansta scene. Where many of the best and worse of Londons criminal minds hide themselves. They also hide many other things. Like some very pricey works of art, money, cars, and whatever else they happen to have stolen from either the law abiding tax payer, or their rival gansta foe. Competition is fiece is the gang land to be the 'Top dog', and the one with all the money and the all the wears holds all the cards. But someone always wants we you got, and they will do whatever it takes to get it. So it will come as no suprise then, that someone has been a little naughty and has stolen someones else's stuff and that someone wants it back. Thats where you come in. Your boss isn't 'appy' and wants you to get his stuff back. He doesn't care how you do, he doesn't care who you do doing it , and you know what? It don't matter how you do it either. You can take a stealth approach in this game or go in all guns blazing!, kill no one, kill everyone, go alone or bring a friend for what could be your ultimate pay day.


In each level or 'Job' you undertake you will have a number of objectives to complete which are set up as 'Prioritys'. Your number one priority is the one thing that is most wanted, then the other items are just there for you to grab if you can find them, which should you get will earn you more XP and a cash rewards at the end of the level. You can grab other bonus items too, like bags of cash which all add up nicely in the end, but only if you get out without getting caught. Get caught and its over for you, and you lose everything you had collected, but if your quick enough you can still escape with what you have and come back another day for what you missed, providing you don't have to much 'Heat' on you. The AI on the hencemen that patrol around the areas of interest in the early levels are not that great but still enough to make levels tricky, and should they spot you or the bodies left in your wake then this will turn that 'Heat' level up and spawn more hencemen, or worse, the boss man himself, who although sounds a little funny whilst he slaps you across the face a few times, soon becomes a big problem as he draws a gun to your head and puts you out of your misery.


Complete each level succesfully and those XP points your earned will open up the next levels. There are a total of 15 levels altogether spread over 5 'Grimey' locations, and 'Grimey' would be a good word to describe the graphics here on 'Filthy Lucre', as they do not do the PS4 justice, but it really doesn't matter, because it suits the game well and works for the atmosphere of the game. The later levels obvouisly get harder to complete so its a good time to put any money you have stashed away to good use and upgrade your equipment, Weapons and Gadgets. Ohhh yeh, gadgets. Now were not talking James bond stuff, but gadgets non the less, which can be very effective towards those later levels. Another effective thing to do is play co-op with a friend, its just that much better with a pal, as long as you don't mind sharing the wears.


My Thoughts/Opinion


" I love this game, it was such a welcomed change to the same old stuff I had been playing, and playing with a friend just made it more fun. Although it doesn't have to be fun if you don't want it to be. Play it seriously with gritted teeth or take it with a pinch of salt over your 'Pie n Licker'. Theres enough challenges here in this game and playing styles to please many players. If Guy Richie had made Lock Stock 'n' two smoking Barrels into a video game, then  Filthy Lucre could of been that game."




Filthy Lucre: Playstation 4

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