Search the internet for a Sonic the Hedgehog game and you will be overwhelmed by how many 'Fan' based games there are out there. I'm even playing one right now.(Sonic TimeTwisted). And it was only recently that Sonic Mania was unleashed to the world. Sonics appeal is widespread all over the world, his status of popularity, which spands over three decades now, continues to grow bigger and bigger. This is helped by the community of fans that have generated a world of all things Sonic, creating fanzines, storys, comics, movies etc. Even small independant game studios and hobbiest game makers have created game engines and games to carry on there own versions of the Sonic saga. This behaviour though would normally set off a reaction of 'Copyright' legalities followed by 'take down' requests and maybe even a lawsuit. However, 'Sega' seem to have a different view on this, and have been known to actually compliment such activitys on the indie scene. 'Sega' clearly reconise the importance of the community's of fans and it would seem that they see 'fan based' projects as having a 'Positive' effect on their franchise as opposed to a negative one. " Well done 'Sega' for taking this approach and respecting your fans in such a good manner".  That being said, it is no wonder Sonics popularity grows and his games appear more and more on the internet. Its kinda hard to pick one with so much choice to be had, so let me turn your attention to one in particular that you should keep an eye on...............'Sonic Continuum'.


Announced last month (September) renamed from its temporarily name 'Sonic Realm Revival' is another fan based game being developed by 'KingTut'. Unlike most fan based games i've seen which are story driven by the developing teams themselves, 'Sonic Continuum' aims to have the Sonic communitys fan base very much in mind when it comes to its development. Lead developer 'Kingtut' has built on top of the Sonic Realms engine and is adding his own elements to create a game which can support ideas inspired by the community's themselves. He has teamed up with Sonic Amino Facebook community member 'Speeddemon150' and are currently running a competition for fans to submit their own character ideas which could feature in the final version of the game, which will take the playable characters so far up to four, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Metal Sonic officially announced.


The development team have also announced that the game will be available on the following platforms: PC, Xbox One, Linux, IOS, Android and the one that the communitys are excited about is the 3DS. And although this fan project only has a small team of unpaided volunteers working on the project, 'Kingtut' hopes to have something near to a finished game in or around the two year mark. The game itself will be free to play to anyone and everyone and will be available to download from the official Sonic Continuum fan website, where your find more information on the projects progress, which will be updated on a monthly basis via posts and video blogs. Two video post of the project have already been posted on Youtube which speak about the current state of the game, and the direction on which it is going, and it sounds pretty promising so far.


Sonic Continuum hopes to be a different take from what we have come to see from most fan based games and it seems to step away from a 'Fan based game for the fans' tag and looks to lean to a more 'Community game for the communitys' project.


So, Go check it out, and remember the competition! More details below.









Sonic Continuum: PC, Xbox One, Linux, IOS, 3DS

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