Monstropolis is my current project I am working on. Its in 'Alpha' at the moment, so it is playable to some extent, but I still have much to do.


It came about whilst searching through the internet researching other game developers and games. I came across 'Gamejams' and was intrigued by what there were. The most common one I found out about was 'Ludum Dare'. This particular Gamejam would see other 'Devs' create games from scratch within 72 or 48 hours based on a 'theme'. Now I was never going to be able to create a game within that time frame, but the concept interested me, so although I never took part in submitting anything, but I did work on a idea based on the theme that was selected by the community, which was 'You are the monster'. From there I sketched out the game character, and just let my imagination run with it. I came up with how it would play and what controls would be used, and just generally tinkered about with the ideas I had. I did this at the time I was working on the Knightmare project so didn't think it would actually turn out into anything solid, and it was a nice little to take a break from that project, but after the copyright problem I had with it and development stopped my focus then became this game and I have been working on it ever since.

Updated: July