I'm Dean, and my friends call me Chaser, I'm a fulltime carer and dad of 3 awesome kids, and every spare moment I get I Like to learn about video game development, and pixel art, which all started when collecting old video games and said to myself "I would like to make my own games".

Whilst learning game development I'm also learning how to pixel art to accompany my video games and as a result I create game assets such as 'Tile sets', 'Sprites', 'Animations' and occasionally Music, which I release for free into the public domain under the Creative Commons License (CCO) for commercial and non commercial projects.


My ethos is to keep everything I create free to use and releasing assets openly for free will help other developers like me that are on a shoe string budget, or have no budget at all to have the artwork they need to go on and create their dream project, whether that be a Video Game, a Book or something else entirely.


This site is generally about what i do as a hobby and a platform to share my work, games and collection. my intention is for it to be educational, informative and fun!


i dont take myself to seriously and everything i write about here is only my opinion, and although i try and be as accurate as i can. i am a mere mortal and probably might get it wrong from time to time.


​Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the site.


chaser. :)


About Me:


Although this website and all the other things I do here are my interests and hobby, for which I enjoy very much,  It would not be possible without the love and encouragement from my family, the support from my friends, organisations and gaming community who have contributed in some way for me to be where I am today.​

Thank you all!​


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Any contributions received are greatly appreciated and will help me continue to improve and keep creating free content long in to the future.